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Nile Monitor Lizard Information

Nile Monitor Lizard Information
 by: Lizard Lounge
The Nile Monitor lizard is one of the largest within the Monitor class of lizards. They can typically reach up to 7 feet in length. They are brown in color ranging from light to dark brown.
As for an enclosure a full room is typically suggested. This is due to several factors including their desire to climb. Furthermore, the Nile Monitors like to swim so a decent sized pond should be provided for them. Some sort of a hiding area should also be provided for them, as well as good sturdy branches for climbing. Due to the large height required for the Monitors a heater below the enclosure is recommended for good surface heat. For light, unfiltered sunlight is the absolute best, however UV radiation lights offering a full spectrum of rays can be used in place of sunlight as is the same for most lizards.
The Nile Monitors will eat any type of rodent that they are able to swallow. In the wild these lizards will also frequently eat fish as they are typically close to a water source. Having the capability to dive for up to one hour at a time and being very agile in the water contribute to the fish consumption. In addition, some Nile Monitors may like to be fed cooked eggs.
Anywhere from 7 to 35 eggs are laid at a time by the Monitors. Usually they dig a hole along the river bed and lay their eggs there.
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