Centrefold Icons (centrefoldicons) wrote in snatchobsessed,
Centrefold Icons

Snatch Icons

Per pornrockangel's request, a few Snatch icons I made a bit ago. They're all Tommy and Turkish. Fairly simple icons, when compared.

:: comment. I'm a big comment whore. It's sad, actually.
:: credit centrefoldicons or onyourown (in keywords)
:: take, don't ask.
:: don't hotlink. I change the names of icons periodically to ensure that this won't happen.

I have a few hundred screengrabs from the movie, so if anyone has any requests for icons of any scene/character, let me know and I'll get them done as soon as I can.
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these are great! if you're taking requests- anything with frankie four fingers or turkish alone or just ANY of them! i love that movie!! :D do you have screen caps of the opening credits? you know the part where each main actor is introduced, and they show their names in white letters?
Any text or just bases?

do you have screen caps of the opening credits?

Of course. What kind of person would I be if I didn't cap that part ;)
just bases are cool. :) and if you want, i'll take just screen caps of the opening credits for jason statham, benecio del toro and vinnie jones- if thats cool with you. you can email me at cinqueportelli@aol.com if you have any questions, or just want to send them or whatever. thank you so much!!! you're great!
Taking number 4 :)

I wouldn't mind some Random Tommy icons. My e-mail is stellar_child@yahoo.com
btw, you're great for doing this! :)
that's fantastic! thanks!
I actually don't even know exactly what I'm looking for...
I am definitely a brad girl so I love the shots with him, and I agree that the opening scenes (introductions) are fantastic!

I think my favorite shot though is when mickey is in the last fight and he's horizontal off the ground from being punched. LOVE that shot. I actually don't know what would make a good icon!

if you have a shot of tommy and turkish that fits the 'ze germans?' quote, that would be awesome. or frankie four fingers in the beginning credits looking at the diamond.

or...I can't remember his name...the black guy who 'owns' squeaky dog with the dog in the back of the car...
oh, 'all bets are off'...there are too many!!!!
someone's not obsessed, haha. :)

where/how did you get all the screencaps?
for now I have saved and credited the pull a stupid face one :)
I'll probably make some icons of the opening scenes and post them all. I'd been planning on it, but haven't quite gotten around to it :)

I tried getting all the icons you wanted done. If you want anything on them changed, or the image is wrong, just let me know and I can get it fixed quick snap.

For the Snatch caps I used Dazzle (which is a horribly shit program), but normally I use WinDVD.

But like I said, let me know if anything's off on any of them or if there are any others you'd like. I'm not the best at filling requests with icons :)
I love the benicio and brad ones. thanks :)
I'll let you know if I think of anything.
nice! I'm yoinking the third one. I will credit it all to you:):):)
How about one of Tyrone in the blue car with a caption of something like "Things come at you from behind". Maybe one of Turkish at the Caravan holding the door with "Its tip-top"