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30th June 2008

dorromon47562:11am: Nile Monitor Lizard Information
Nile Monitor Lizard Information
 by: Lizard Lounge
The Nile Monitor lizard is one of the largest within the Monitor class of lizards. They can typically reach up to 7 feet in length. They are brown in color ranging from light to dark brown.
As for an enclosure a full room is typically suggested. This is due to several factors including their desire to climb. Furthermore, the Nile Monitors like to swim so a decent sized pond should be provided for them. Some sort of a hiding area should also be provided for them, as well as good sturdy branches for climbing. Due to the large height required for the Monitors a heater below the enclosure is recommended for good surface heat. For light, unfiltered sunlight is the absolute best, however UV radiation lights offering a full spectrum of rays can be used in place of sunlight as is the same for most lizards.
The Nile Monitors will eat any type of rodent that they are able to swallow. In the wild these lizards will also frequently eat fish as they are typically close to a water source. Having the capability to dive for up to one hour at a time and being very agile in the water contribute to the fish consumption. In addition, some Nile Monitors may like to be fed cooked eggs.
Anywhere from 7 to 35 eggs are laid at a time by the Monitors. Usually they dig a hole along the river bed and lay their eggs there.

26th June 2008

dorromon475610:11am: Dog Agility Training for Your Puppy
Dog Agility Training for Your Puppy
 by: Brad Carlson
You may be asking, "When can I start agility training with my new puppy?" You can start immediately, with certain recommendations. Puppies are always learning, so every time you are with your pup you can be playing and socializing with agility in mind. Always remember, if you can control your puppies environment, you can teach and train the behaviors you want, left on their own, even in a fenced yard, puppies will learn and develop behaviors that later we may want or need to extinguish.
Expose your puppy to different surfaces. One of the first behaviors we teach our pups is "Box" or "Table". This behavior transfers to the agility pause table. Lure pup up on a low pause table, treat them on the table. You can call the pause table anything you want. (If I was starting over I would name the pause table "Box" instead of "Table" for my dogs because on the agility course there is the potential to have too many "T" words, i.e. tunnel, tire, table, and teeter. The problem is I am also a creature of habit, and under pressure revert back to my default words, "table" would be one of them.)
Teach your pup to "Box", meaning to get up on a variety of obstacles. In our training field we use "Box" for upside down kennel tops, the bottom of barrels turned upside down, bird crates, and more. Be creative with your pup, get them to get up on all kinds of surfaces, exposing them to different shapes, sizes, and textures. Once your pup is comfortable getting up on a "Box", then you can begin to ask them to sit on the box also.
You can also begin to use Buja boards for motion training. Buja boards are generally made from plywood, 36" x 36" with a painted surface or covered surface. On the underside, there is a 2x4 box where a partially deflated ball is placed. This enables the Buja board to rock gently. At first you can reward your pup for getting one paw on the board, then reward for two feet and eventually all four. Depending on your pups temperament will determine how fast they get comfortable on the Buja Board.
Perch training can also be started with young pups. The Perch is generally a 1'x1' wood surface that is raised by 2"x4"'s underneath. So the Perch is about four inches in height. The Perch helps teach pups rearend awareness. Again, you can reward your pup for getting one front paw on the perch and then the other. Perch training is mostly used with just the front paws on the Perch.
These are just a few behaviors you can teach your young pup. Exposure to a variety of surfaces and heights will help your pup build confidence in his future agility training.

4th December 2006

egyptian_esque5:06am: 34 Snatch quotes, PotC3, Venture Brothers

[5] Snatch quotes
[7] Pirates of the Caribbean 3
[22] The Venture Brothers

this is a fake cut

14th June 2006

fireflyfailure3:12am: mean machine
anyone else here seen mean machine? it's got vinnie jones--bullet tooth tony--in it, as well as jason statham. what'd you think of it? i really like it, personally.

[if this is off-topic, i apologize! o.o]
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3rd June 2006

f1_roxie7:52pm: + 25 Snatch Icons (some icons contain strong language)

(Click For More)

10th April 2005

pshhh__sera3:05pm: hey im new to this community of the snatch obbsesed...and i just wanted to know if anyone knows how to speak pikey or if theres like a little pikey to english dictionary one can buy in order to learn the wonderful wonderful (and may i add quite sneeky and clever) languague..thanks


18th February 2005

rainbowosiris4:40pm: Boris
"Heavy is good...heavy is reliable....and if it does not work, yu can always hit him with it."

That sneaky Russian!

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9th February 2005

isnochys2:36pm: What do you want me to do? I'm not a bounty hunter.
I love snatch, I've been watching it perhaps daily now. Anyway the reason I post is does anyone know the song or track that comes out on the trailer when it's showing all the actors, similar to the beginning of snatch where it's doing this .

1st February 2005

rainbowosiris6:30pm: oh no tommy, i KNOW you can't shoot.
I'm new too...just wanted to say my favourite color is perriwinkle blue and I was disappointed on finding that, on the DVD, while you can watch it in French or Spanish, you cannot watch it in Pikey.
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19th November 2004

mustgetout_4:16pm: dude this movie is my life...i kid you not...
Hey guys, I just joined! I absolutely am addicted to snatch. I think it's genius.
My favorite part is a little after when Tommy makes Gorgeous George fight Mickey in order to get their money back for the trailer. It's the scene when Gorgeous got knocked out, and the song, Golden Brown by The Stranglers, starts playing. Then Tommy is backed against the wall by the two guys argueing, and you can see tears rolling down his face. I have no idea why, but that scene has always appealed to me.
I was interested in hearing what your favorite parts of snatch are, and I'm sure you have one.
<3 phoebe
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26th October 2004

meister8089:48am: Fuckin 'Ey
Yo... just thought I would say yo... just joined the community because I was looking at interests and found this and I was like 'kickin', so I joined. I mean, I get made fun of by my girlfriend all the time for watching Snatch and Lock Stock too damn much, so why not?


12th September 2004

soundofsilence1:50pm: Hi. I'm looking for the song that was playing during the burning caravan scene. As far as I can tell, it's not on the soundtrack. Does anyone know what the name of the song is, or where I can buy it or download it?


9th July 2004

red873212:41pm: the snatch soundtrack is my favorite cd everrrrrrrrrrr

almost matches the genius of the movie

12th June 2004

onyourown1:02am: Alright, I'm working on the last of the icons, but while I'm at it and finally getting something going in this community, I posted the original versions of the screengrabs (I've recently redone them in higher quality and a larger size) for cap_it and figured maybe someone here would be interested in seeing them. They're perfect for icon-making (not so fab for graphics and layouts). Anyway, here they are. Also includes the deleted scenes and such. I don't require credit for this batch of screencaps as...well, they're old. But I don't like hotlinking or direct linking. Don't link directly to the images or the album, though. I don't like everyone and their dags gawking at my screengrabs and nicking the ones I'd rather not have nicked.

And if that made any sense, I'd be very surprised. It's far too late for me to be communicating with the waking world.

10th June 2004

centrefoldicons9:59pm: Opening Credits
13 icons of the opening credits. None of them are the same size, due to the format of the credits.

Anything to declare?Collapse )

I'm still working on the other requests, but they may not be done until tomorrow night.


:: comment
:: credit onyourown or centrefoldicons in keywords
:: take, don't ask

9th June 2004

centrefoldicons11:24am: Snatch Icons
Per pornrockangel's request, a few Snatch icons I made a bit ago. They're all Tommy and Turkish. Fairly simple icons, when compared.

:: comment. I'm a big comment whore. It's sad, actually.
:: credit centrefoldicons or onyourown (in keywords)
:: take, don't ask.
:: don't hotlink. I change the names of icons periodically to ensure that this won't happen.

I have a few hundred screengrabs from the movie, so if anyone has any requests for icons of any scene/character, let me know and I'll get them done as soon as I can.
pornrockangel7:22am: if anyone still watches this community....

do you have/know of any snatch usericons? or someone that could make them? I'd love to be able to make/have one.

21st April 2004

philiac_philiac11:16pm: allo there. I'm new to this community. etc etc, and all that good crap new people say.
if you don't mind:::::

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 5 questions, no more no less.

Ask me anything you want.

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9th November 2003

karose3:27am: Snowball in Hell...
That's about my chances of getting a reply out of this, I know, but I need to try anyway...

Who here owns the special edition DVD? Or a copy of the screenplay? I need to recheck the lines in one of the deleted scenes, and my DVD is the crappy single-disc one that doesn't have them.

Remember the scene where Avi and Bullet-Tooth Tony visit Brick Top and his cronies? I need to know the exact words to Tony and Errol's dialogue. This might be a tad difficult because the DVD apparently doesn't give subtitles for the deleted scenes, and granted, the accents aren't an obstacle, but the guys are freakin' MUMBLING in that part. Anyone able to help me out here?

8th May 2003

perfectfumes12:29pm: BOO!
"you took the fucking jam out of my doughnut tommy, you did!"

<3 turkish
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18th February 2003

dingo7272:10pm: Here's a headline I found eerily similar to the plot of Snatch. I thought it was kind of cool when I read about it.

Again, this is nonfiction.

Belgium Diamond Theft May Be Largest

9th February 2003

starwriterlv12:18am: Hi !!!
Im new here! I just thought I would say hello to everyone and just say I love this movie. I thoght it was such a great mixture of great acting and great writing. Of couse the fact that Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham are hot helps as well.
Thats all for now...Starwriterlv
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4th February 2003

lay_it_down10:08pm: love it!
LOVE that movie. everything about it is great, anyway, thought id introduce meself, cuz im new to this, um, community. yea thats it. well yea, i liked benicio's character the best and absolutely love mickey. ill do it for a caravan!!
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17th January 2003

punkjockkittie5:50pm: Well, I wish I had known this thingy was created? I assume it's Vicki's.

Just making myself known.

25th September 2002

dingo7278:01am: Nice Tie...
Still warm is the blood which courses through my veins. Unlike yours, Mullet.
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